Date : Nov 11th 2001

I've been to shenandoah infinite times, but never managed to take any pictures.. these are the pictures of the "post-party" trek as ankush put it, the trail is the little devil stairs loop (about 12 miles).
p.s: the picture quality sucks, the scanner decided to misbehave today.. will scan'em again when I get time

somewhere on the initial climb

swami on the trail

swami again

dipu sitting for a rest

when I tried to take the picture of strong man dipu running

line of hikers on the trail

hikers from the front

laura on a rocky outcrop

trail looks rough..

laura - the rock climber

doesn't dipu look really tired

chom, dipu and laura in a crevice

Swami on the out crop

hiking the AT

rock outcrop again

Shail on little devils stairs

me, Laura and Shail resting by a rock

View of the beautiful shenandoah valley

Valley again

Yet again

through the trees

Fetching water of the stream