Activities and Achievements
  1. The annual celebrations of the Council, are occasions for disseminating information about the rivers, the problems they face, and the solutions required. The celebrations are held in various part of the State.The first one was held at Karupadanna (Trichur District), the second at Trivandrum (Trivandrum District) and the 3rd one at Piravom in (Ernakulam District). A full day scientific seminar is the important item of the celebrations. Exhibitions competitions and intensive discussions are also part of the clelebrations. Special seminars are also held at various places. Besides participation in the seminars, held by member councils or other organisations interested in river protection, is also a regular feature. The office bearers of the council participated in the seminar/workshop organised by All India River Net Work - Kerala Chapter held at Nilampur, by Pampa Parirakshana Samithy (PPS) at Thiruvalla, by Vistas at Karupadanna, and by the Limonological Association of kerala , at Chalakudy. The AKRPC is also an active participant of the Nandivandanam Programme, organised by the Swadeshi Science Movement. This programme helped to create mass awareness throughout the State about the need to protect the rivers.

  3. Study of rivers - A questionnaire containing about 40 questions (besides general information) in the local language, prepared by the president of Meenachil, Nadeesamrakshana Samithy (Dr.S.Ramachandran) for students to collect detailed information about the river banks, riberbed, fish available, utilisation, of land along river banks etc. has been successfully used by the Samithy for the field work by students during vacations. Efforts are on to conduct similar studies about other rivers by utilising the services of students.

  5. Journal- As part of the Educational Programme, AKRPC has started a quarterly journal named "Jalatharangam" in March 2001. This has proved a powerful tool to express the samithy's views on current issues affecting the rivers, to spread knowledge about all aspects of rivers, and the need and role of the common man to protect rivers etc. The journal has earned encomiums from leading national Newspapers and academic circles.

  7. Other publications - The Samithy brought out a book-let entitled 'River Protection to solve drinking water shortag.' This was authored by the president and Joint Secretary of the Samithy. The same authors prepared another book on 'Drinking Water shortage and Rain Water harvesting'. This has been published by another agency. Pamphelets relating to conservaion and management of water, in local language for the common man are also brought out.

  9. Other activities - To persuade the Government to take necessary steps to protect rivers and the riverine ecosystem.
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