Brief Introduction

All Kerala River Protection Council (AKRPC) with Headquarters at Alwaye was formed in October 1998, by a group of Nature Lovers and environmental activists. They were distressed at the dismal condition of rivers in Kerala. The rivers in particular and the environment in general, have been facing the stress and strain from a persistently high density of population of Kerala during the past 3 decades or more. Added to this, is the particular settlement pattern, whereby people are scattered over the entire land area. These result in increased human activities, and consequent production of waste every where. To add fuel to fire, so to say, came the high consumption style of living by the people of the state since 1980s, contributed by the inflow of gulfmoney - remittances from emigrants to Gulf countries. The fragile environment of the state-and particularly the rivers- have been the victims of the combined effect of the above factors. The birth of AKRPC has been in response to the above situation.

Current Membership

The membership of the Samithy consists of Founder members, Institutional Members and Life Members. The Founder members are those who initiated the formation of the Society. They will continue till the end of their life. They are sixteen in number.

The Insitutional Members consist of local RPCs or Environmental protection Socieities. There are 11 such members at present. The names and addresses of these Societies are given below.
List of Institutional Members

1. Association for Environmental Protection - Ramapriya,High Road, Alwaye.
2. Pampa Parirakstmo Samithy - Kozhenchery, Thiruvalla
3. Vamanapuram Nadee Samrakshano samithy - Trivandrum.
4. Manimalayar Samrakshana Samithy -
5. Bharathapuzha samrakshana samithi - Thurappalayam. Palaghat
6. Periyar Samrakshana Samithi - Chengal c/o.Sameeksha, Kalady-683574.
7. Limnological Association of Kerala, - Railway station Road, Chalakudy.
8. Karuppadame Kayol samithy - Samrakshasamithy, Kidangoor, Kottayam.

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